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Seed Space and APSU’s Department of Art & Design present “Personal Geographies”

Austin Peay Art and Design

Silo Room at Track One
1201 4th Ave South
Saturday, April 2, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Seed Space and Austin Peay State University’s Department of Art and Design are pleased to present Personal Geographies, a group exhibition featuring work by APSU students enrolled in printmaking and sculpture courses. Personal Geographies is an installation that opens a public discussion concerning the relationship of place to memory. We invent the world we live in based on our unique sensory perceptions, our experiences, our attitudes, and our biases. The need to record a spatial relationship to the known world – to locate oneself both geographically and metaphysically in the universe – is intrinsic to the human condition.

Through writing exercises and in-class discussions, students identified meaningful internal and external spaces. The landscapes and signage exhibited represent visual translations of personal geographies. The students then constructed the landscapes from handmade pulp. The posted signs were printed on handmade paper using wood type from the Goldsmith Press and Rare Type Collection at Austin Peay State University.

This show is curated by art professors Cynthia MarshVirginia Griswold, and the students at APSU, and is part of the Nashville Fine Arts collaborative initiative between Seed Space and middle Tennessee cultural institutions and university fine art departments.

This exhibition will be open April 2 – April 9. See it during regular Seed Space office hours (Monday and Wednesday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.) or by appointment.

The Trahern Gallery Presents the Work of Professor Cindy Marsh

Austin Peay Art and Design

The Trahern Gallery, with support from The Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts and The Department of Art and Design, is pleased to celebrate the work of retiring professor of art, Cynthia Marsh (Cindy).

As a distinguished professor of Austin Peay State University and an integral member of the Department of Art for the past 18 years, Cindy Marsh will retire at the end of the 2015-2016 academic year.  This celebratory exhibition will focus on both her award winning, socially conscious work with letters and forms, as well as her extensive engagement with community through the use of The Goldsmith Press & Rare Type Collection.  This 60,000-piece collection of 19th century wood type has been used to record community ideas and to promote a contemporary social dialogue based on an historical form of verbal, written and visual communication.

The exhibit opens January 19 at the Austin Peay State University Trahern Gallery and runs through February 12. A lunchtime lecture by the artist will take place in the Trahern Gallery at 11:30am on Thursday, February 11, with a reception to immediately follow.

Cindy Marsh was raised in New England. She received her undergraduate degree in printmaking from Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia. She earned an MFA degree from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. Her graduate studies focused on the disciplines of printmaking, commercial printing, and photography.

Cindy lived and worked as an artist in Los Angeles from 1973-1995. During that time, she developed an unusual way of constructing images by combining elements of photography, printmaking, and graphic design. Her studio, One Eye Open / One Eye Closed produced limited edition prints and illustrations for the entertainment industry. Printed work from Studio One Eye Open has been exhibited throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and in Japan. Cindy Marsh was a founding member of the Women’s Graphic Center at the Woman’s Building in Los Angeles, California. She was a professor of printmaking and design at California State University, Northridge from 1978-1992 and served as the chair of Communication Arts at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles from 1992-95.

In 1995, Cindy Marsh moved with her family to Clarksville, Tennessee, and served as the chair of the Department of Art at Austin Peay State University from 1995 thru 2003. Professor Marsh founded the Goldsmith Press and Rare Type Collection @ Austin Peay in 1997. Since its inception, the press has received ten regional and national grants including an NEA award in 2006. Currently, Cindy Marsh is a professor of Art and Design and Director of the Goldsmith Press at APSU.

For more information on this exhibition, which is free and open to the public, contact Michael Dickins, gallery director, at dickinsm@apsu.edu.

APSU students present Veterans Treatment Court with unique Goldsmith Press creation

APSU Art & Design

APSU art professor Cindy Marsh and APSU student Macon St. Hilaire stand next to a special creation by students in her APSU class, dubbed “Narratives of Hope & Recovery.” The creation was presented to the Montgomery County Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) during a VTC graduation ceremony, held Wednesday, Aug. 12, at the Montgomery County Courthouse. (Photo credit: Taylor Slifko)

“I know I have a long ways to go and a lot to learn, but the help is definitely here.”

When the United States and its allies need help, our soldiers answer the call. But when those same men and women need a hand, programs like the Montgomery County Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) exist to make sure they are not alone.

Established in 2012, the court aims to help veterans who come to the criminal justice system as a result of drug addictions, homelessness and other situations brought on by wartime stress. Active duty soldiers and veterans diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or a traumatic brain injury who complete the program can possibly have their case dismissed.

On Aug. 12, the VTC program celebrated another graduating class of enrollees during a ceremony at the Montgomery County Courthouse, and Austin Peay State University was there to show its support through a unique artistic project, dubbed “Narratives of Hope & Recovery.”

As a part of the program, VTC enrollees write essays reflecting on their struggles adjusting to civilian life. With the aid of Montgomery County judge — and VTC team member — Ken Goble, students from APSU art professor Cindy Marsh’s printmaking class used many of those essays to create a project that visualized what is, for many soldiers, a private battle.

“I teach a printing class and we were looking for a way to work on a community project when (AmeriCorp VISTA member) Katelan Shartzer told us about the VTC,” Marsh said. “After talking to judge Goble, we were able to get a hold of previous essays that we used to create a project with our Goldsmith Press.”

The Goldsmith Press is a unique letterpress facility that includes thousands of hand-carved wood letters, typesetting materials and antique printing presses. The wood type was originally created for a New England advertising company, Metropolitan Showprint (est. 1890).

Taking statements from each essay, Marsh’s students used the Goldsmith Press to create typeset prints. Over 20 unique statements came together to form a mural in the shape of the United States flag – a visual metaphor of the nation these veterans sacrificed to support.

“Our students read each essay and were able to gleam a real moment of truth from each of them,” Marsh said. “And with around 40 percent of my class having some connection to the military, (a flag) seemed like the perfect metaphor to use to talk about what our veterans are experiencing.”

A student in Marsh’s class and the wife of an active-duty soldier, Macon St. Hilaire was present alongside her professor at the event. Through the production of the piece, St. Hilaire said, she was able to make a commentary on the challenges of military life for both soldier and family.

“For me and the challenges that my husband and I have faced as a (military couple), I was happy that this project gave us a chance to have a voice,” St. Hilaire said. “And I appreciate that programs like VTC exist as a way to support soldiers and help us find the strength to get through all of the challenges they face.”

Professor Cindy Marsh to present a lunchtime lecture on March 3 at 11:30 a.m.


Professor Cynthia Marsh presented at the 2015 College Book Art Symposium


Professor Cindy Marsh and Ed Ruscha (both on right)


Cynthia Marsh presented at the 2015 College Book Art Symposium at Scripps College in Claremont, CA. The topic of discussion was the 1963 book by artist Ed Ruscha, Twenty Six Gasoline Stations.

Professor Cindy Marsh featured in Paper, Thread, and Trash at the Nashville Public Library


Fourteen Tennessee Artists address the issues of waste and consumption in Paper, Thread, and Trash by constructing art books from discarded or unwanted materials.  Artists explore the relationship we have developed with trash, using our excess to push the boundaries of what makes a book.  Every Artist approaches the challenge of creating books from reuse differently.  The Artist chosen for the exhibit work in a range of mediums, some create books literally, others sculpturally, through installation or a conceptual idea, all with personal exploration.  The Downtown Nashville Public Library’s Art Gallery will host the opening of Paper, Thread, and Trash on Saturday, December 6th from 2pm to 4pm.

Artist include: Aletha Carr, Nance Cooley, Meredith Eastburn, Kelly Cass Falzone, Katie Gonzalez, Emily Holt , Courtney Adair Johnson, Megan Kelly, Kit Kite, Cynthia Marsh, Lesley Patterson-Marx, Nelson Meadows, Lisa Rivas, Jamaica Shaw.


For more information visit www.paperthreadandtrash.com


December 6th 2014 to March 29th 2015

Opening Reception Saturday, December 6th 2pm to 4pm

at the Downtown Nashville Public Library Art Gallery 

Professor Cindy Marsh Presents at MoMA PS1


Q&A  following her presentation on the artists’ books of Phil Zimmerman / “Furthering the Critical Dialogue”  session / the NY Art Book Fair — MoMA PS1 Sept 27, 2014

The Goldsmith Press & Rare Type Collection at the Nashville Print Crawl


The Goldsmith Press & Rare Type Collection @ APSU will be participating in the 2014 Nashville Print Crawl. This is a great way to learn about the underground letterpress / silkscreen / printmaking movement that is thriving in Nashville. Free — open to all. For more information: http://k2forma.com/printcrawl.html or contact Cynthia Marsh marshc@apsu.edu.

Professor Cynthia Marsh to Present at the 2014 New York Art Book Fair


Print / Book Arts Professor Cynthia Marsh will be presenting at the 2014 New York Art Book Fair on Saturday, September 27th.

NYABF is organized by Printed Matter and sponsored by the Museum of Modern Art. Marsh will be presenting as part of the NYABF Criticism Panel discussing the work of contemporary book artist Phil Zimmermann. The New York Book Fair will take place at MOMA PS1 in Queens, NY.


APSU Art Faculty (Kell Black, Josh Gumiela, Barry Jones, and Cynthia Marsh) Will Participate In A Collaborative 2-Week Summer Residency Program For High School Students



APSU Art Faculty (Kell Black, Josh Gumiela, Barry Jones, and Cynthia Marsh) will participate in a collaborative 2-week Summer Residency Program for high school students. We invite all interested high school artists to apply. further information: http://www.apsu.edu/watauga

Watauga Arts Academy at Austin Peay State University

Spend two weeks of the summer producing what you and your friends have only imagined; create characters that move, run, and pop out of books, across computer screens, onto the sides of tall buildings, and into the real time world of lights, sound, and action. Sharpen your skills, stretch your imagination, engage with your peers — create narratives that cross disciplines.

The visual art workshops at the Watauga Arts Academy will begin with traditional skill‐building exercises in the disciplines of drawing, printmaking, photography, and computer imaging. The focus of the workshops, however, will quickly transition to the world of contemporary storytelling through animation, multimedia performance, creative book arts, and narrative web design. In today’s creative marketplace, successful visual storytellers must be collaborative and interdisciplinary. At Watauga, as you build a stronger understanding of your craft, you will have many opportunities to work cooperatively across disciplines with the latest technology.

“Binding Desire: Unfolding Artist Books” at Otis College of Art and Design Features the Work of Professor Cindy Marsh

Binding Desire - Cindy Marsh


Binding Desire: Unfolding Artists Books, on view January 25 – March 30, 2014, is a group exhibition featuring approximately 120 works from OTIS Millard Sheets Library’s Special Collection of 2,100 artists books dating from the 1960s to the present.

The Goldsmith Press at Handmade & Bound on October 4th and 5th


The Goldsmith Press is Participating in the Nashville Print Crawl on October 3

Print Crawl


This Print Crawl is a little like a scavenger hunt. Pick up your poster template at Sawtooth Printhouse and make your first print from 6-7p.m. Then, it’s a free for all, y’all. Swing by all of the print shops to complete your poster. Finish your poster at Grand Palace. Stick around after for a drink and to check out how your friend’s posters look. If you miss a shop, sorry – you’re gonna have a gap in your poster, which will be sad but not the end of the world.

The Goldsmith Press’s work be at Platetone, 535 Fourth Ave S. Nashville from 6 – 9 pm on Thursday October 3.


Print Crawl Map

The Goldsmith Press Presents “Reflections & Renewal- the 9/11/12 Project” At The Clarksville Montgomery County Public Library

9-11 Tower


Last year at this time, the APSU Goldsmith Press & Rare Type Collection and “Hands on Clarksville” began the Reflections & Renewal Project. Members of the Clarksville community were invited to write and print their recollections of the tragic events (and ultimate acts of heroism) that unfolded on 9/11/01. The resulting 6×4 foot free-standing tower of narrative prints is on display at the Clarksville/Montgomery County Public Library through Friday, September 13, 2013. Students from the APSU Department of Art will be on hand at the C/M Public Library on Sunday, September 8th from 2-4 PM for a family presentation and title painting event in rememberance of 9/11/01.

Updates from the Printmaking Area

18 APSU printmaking students attended and participated in the Nashville Print Revival on Friday, Feb. 22,2013  at Watkins College of Art


Jesse Shaw participated in the Nashville Print Revival — ‘Printacular —Great Poster Sale”  at  Barista Parlor, 519 Gallatin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206 / Sat. Feb 23, 2013


Cindy Marsh and the Goldsmith Press & Rare Type Collection has a print installation included in the 28th Annual Positive / Negative Exhibition (Feb 18 – Mar 8, 2013) Slocumb Gallery, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN

Cyndi Marsh