Award Winners from the 46th Annual Student Art Exhibition

Amber Briggs APSU Art

Amber Briggs “Molting in Pink”

Best in Show: Amber Briggs


Alex Wurts APSU Art

Alex Wurts, “space, consumption and sexual instability”

The Olen Bryant Sculpture Award: Alex Wurts


Cynthia Sukowati APSU Art

Cynthia Sukowati, “The Course of Capitalism: Natural State”

The Bruce Childs Printmaking Award: Cynthia Sukowati


Laura King APSU Art

Laura King, “an unsettling awareness of one’s own heartbeat”

The Charles Young Drawing Award: Laura King


Matt Watkins APSU Art

Matt Watkins, “dddd.gif” ( still of animation )

The Bettye Holte New Media Award: Matt Watkins


Lei Lani APSU Art

Lei Lani Fegeroa De LaCruz, “Desolation”

The Becky Hall Photography Award: Lei Lani Figeroa De LaCruz


Sara Kent APSU Art

Sara Kent, ” Finemente Invecchiato”

The Jim Diehr Ceramics Award: Sara Kent


Joshua Hooper APSU Art

Joshua Hooper, “Cynthia”

The T. Max Hochstetler Painting Award: Joshua Hooper


Stephanie Camfield APSU Art

Stephanie Camfield, “Departed”, Detail

The Philancy Holder Graphic Design Award: Stephanie Camfield


Abigail Damer APSU Art

Abigail Damer, “Untitled”

Juror’s Honorable Mention: Abigail Damer


James Buckner APSU Art

James Buckner, “Celadon Teapot”

Juror’s Honorable Mention: James Buckner


Rachel Cunningham APSU Art

Rachel Cunningham,” Stretch”

Juror’s Honorable Mention: Rachel Cunningham


Karla Tucker APSU Art

Karla Tucker, “Fear of Alzheimer”

Juror’s Honorable Mention: Karla Tucker


Rebecca Fernandez APSU Art

Rebecca Fernandez, “Family Portrait (Triptych)”

Juror’s Honorable Mention: Rebecca Fernandez


Kayla Melton APSU Art

Kayla Melton, “Untitled”

Juror’s Honorable Mention: Kayla Melton

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