The Art Department Is Pleased To Present “Vitrum”, Nicholas VanMartre’s Senior Exhibition

Nicholas VanMatre

The exhibition will run from October 7 – 10 in Gallery 108 with a reception on October 10 from 6 – 8 pm.


VanMatre’s Artist Statement:

My work consists of high fire ceramic pieces made from either stoneware or porcelain. The glazes that I use range in color as well texture. My work is a constant struggle with form versus function. I find that the function of a piece is the easier of the two. Developing the most aesthetically pleasing form proves more difficult. Some may find that if a piece is functional then it lacks artistic development. One of my goals is to eliminate the prejudice. A piece can be equally beautiful as it is in the use.

There are many different types of firing process. High fire ceramic work refers the temperature at which the kiln reaches during the glaze fire process. The temperature inside the kiln is around 2400 degrees Fahrenheit. The reason for temperatures of that degree is that the glazes deliver a wider range of colors. Every firing differs and the results received from the same glaze will often times give multiple results. The anticipation from each firing can be exciting.

My greatest joy in making ceramics is that a piece I produce will make it into someone’s home. I want to make my art available to everyone and ceramics allows me to do that. It also excites me that this very same piece can be used in a gallery setting. The relationship between these two ideas and the obstacle of bridging that gap are what drive my work.


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