The Art Department is Pleased To Present “Techno-Soup”, George H. Harrison’s Senior Exhibition

George Harrison


The exhibition will run from October 21 – 24 with a reception on October 24 from 6 – 8 pm/


I used the title: “Techno – Soup,” for the title of my show as a jab to Andy Warhol.  These evolved into the use of today’s technology with ideas and techniques from the past that I combined together to create this series of prints.  This series of self-portraits was created to represent my life. These are not the historical portraits of the past that simply show the persons resemblance; these portraits allow the viewer to learn about the person as a person.

I decided to create something that was more unique and personal to me as an artist.  I discovered patterns from my heritage as a way to venture into this series of prints.  I knew I wanted to use the concept of how we have made technology a part of our own identities; this is where the technology would play a role in my own images.  I had taken a photograph and changed it into computer codes and used that code for my screen-printed images as a self portrait.

I got the idea of using quilt patterns by remembering my grandmother and how she had made all of her grandchildren quilts.  After researching quilt patterns, I discovered that in the southern United States, patterns were meant to represent a variety of subjects and I could use these patterns to help tell a story about myself. The entire series will be portraits of me and my life.

There is one set of grayscale prints and one set of color prints.  I used a combination of technology and quilting patterns for both grayscale and color prints. The grayscale prints represent the past, just memories of my life.  The color prints represent my hopes for a brighter future.  This artwork represent me as a person moving through life.

My first image is not of a quilting pattern, it is a self-portrait printed with a graffiti styled artwork.  This is related to me and the applications on my cell phone, computer desk top, my email address and art logo.  The bright colors are how I want to feel in life now.  I want to be happy and cheerful and enjoy life, and these colors express that feeling.

The second print is actually a triple self-portrait; it has two different images changed into code and then excerpts from a text message from a friend that describes my artwork.  I decided to use the quilt patterns for this series of images so that I could bring my past into the future and create a representation of my life through its different stages.

The final three images; are a mystery for now, a puzzle to be deciphered by the viewer.

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