The APSU Department of Art Presents “No Media” As Part of September’s First Thursday Art Walk

No Media, APSU


As part of Downtown Clarksville’s First Thursday Art Walk, The APSU Department of Art will present “No Media”, a performance event organized by APSU Professor Josh Gumiela and Watkins College of Art Professor Morgan Higby-Flowers. The event will take place at 124 Strawberry Alley from 6 – 8 pm on September 5th.



Participating artists are randomly matched in sets of 3 && given 10mins to perform. NO MEDIA aims to bring together artists from a broad range of performable disciplines (poets + dancers + expanded cinemaistas + free jazzers + audio/video noise makers + etc) to challenge the conventions of their practice by responding in realtime to artists from other disciplines.


No Media At The Beginning!
[NO preparation is allowed. Bring your tools, devices, instruments, props, etc., but you’ve got to start with a blank slate. NO time will be allotted for ‘setup’. There will be a 2min turn around time where you can carry your stuff up and meet your collaborators]

No Media At The End!
[NO documentation allowed. It happens once && in realtime.]

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