Professor Laura Golobish Presents “Breathe and Decay” At The Framemaker

Laura Golobish



The Framemaker proudly presents work by art historian and photographer Laura Golobish as part of Clarksville’s First Thursday Art Walk on September 5, 2013. An opening reception will be held from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The exhibit, entitled “Breathe and Decay,” will remain on display at the Framemaker throughout the month of September during normal business hours (Mon. through Fri. 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.).


Laura Golobish earned an Master of Arts in art history at the University of Georgia in 2010, and is currently an instructor in the art department at Austin Peay State University. Her most recent art and research has considered the body in the context of a variety of philosophical and religious structures.


In the series “Breathe and Decay” Golobish uses the language of yoga to address issues of balance and adaptability. She states, “I began practicing yoga two years ago with hopes of improving my flexibility and balance. Those elements have improved…slowly. Before I noticed any of those benefits, the practice offered an interesting perspective. Yoga frustrated and upset me as a new practitioner. I felt inadequate in comparison to students capable of expressing more advanced poses while I struggled to touch my toes.”


Golobish continues, “In yoga, we’re challenged to pull deep into the moment and fully surrender to the essence of our being. To complement the images of asanas (yoga poses), I developed a series of photograms. These are cameraless photographs that require placing an object on a piece of light-sensitive material and exposing it to light. I asked each of my subjects to lend me an object that described them or was important to them. These became the subjects of my photograms. The process can be used to produce a basic outline, but these images bear little resemblance to the original object. They’ve become abstracted just as our essence or outline becomes distorted by layers of distraction. As an act of process, I have to breathe, accept myself as I exist in the present and allow everything else to decay into the universe.”


The Framemaker is located at the corner of North Second Street and Georgia Avenue, across from the Clarksville Academy.

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