The Department of Art Is Pleased To Present Tori Brady’s Senior Exhibition “Aquarelle”

Tori Brady Art APSU

Black & Jones Present Run’s House “Remix” at Seed Space

Black & Jones APSU Art

On May 3rd from 8 to 9 pm, Black & Jones ( Professors Kell Black and Barry Jones ) will take you back to the days of yes y’alling withRun’s House “Remix” at Seed Space in Nashville. The event is open to the public and is part of Nashville’s First Saturday Art Crawl. Seed Space is at 1209 4th Avenue South in Nashville.

Portraits of a Trip: New Work by Jared Cleghorn at the Framemaker

Jared Cleghorn APSU Art

The Framemaker proudly presents new work by artist Jared Cleghorn. This exhibit is part of Clarksville’s First Thursday Art Walk on May 1, 2014. An opening reception will be held from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The artwork will remain on display at the Framemaker throughout the month of May during normal business hours (Mon. through Fri. 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.).

Jared Cleghorn received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Austin Peay State University in 2009. Geographical themes and expansive horizons continued to direct his attention, and eventually led him to continue his education. As a result, he is currently studying Geoscience with a concentration in Geographic Information Systems. This exhibit explores Cleghorn’s sense of place by integrating a knowledge of the visual arts with his growing scientific understanding of the natural world.

Cleghorn is fond of collage, and in particular reusing old, discarded paper scraps and forgotten documents. He combines these pieces to recreate memories and landscapes to be remembered.

According to Cleghorn, “I took a trip earlier this year that involved driving, flying, being shuttled around and hotel rooms, which meant spending a great portion of my time looking out windows. I saw inspiring landscapes and experienced moments that I will cherish for the remainder of my life. This trip revealed the fact that for most of my life, I’ve found myself looking out of windows. I have created physical memories of what I viewed through the various windows of a trip in an attempt to preserve, relive, and share these memories and experiences.”

He continues, “Each window is a limited line of sight or a glimpse that represents the time frame I am allotted to experience a moment, a friend, a lover, a landscape, or my life as with any portrait or portrayal.”

The Framemaker is located at the corner of North Second Street and Georgia Avenue, across from the Clarksville Academy.

Art Work Drop Off Time for the US Bank Show Is This Thursday and Friday from 2 – 6 pm


APSU Art Student Macon Linton St Hilaire Won Best Presentation at the APSU Research and Creativity Forum

Macon Linton St Hilaire APSU Art


CONGRATS to Macon Linton St Hilaire who won “BEST PRESENTATION” at the APSU Research and Creativity Forum on her study of historical tempera panel painting and her contemporary art project ” “When You’re Dead You’re Made”: Painting Idols of the 27 Club”

The Department of Art is Pleased to Present Mackenzie Coffman’s Senior Exhibition “Beautifully Forgotten”


Drawing Marathon on April 25 – Draw Like Crazy!

Drawing Marathon APSU Art

The Department of Art Is Pleased To Present Ashley McDonough’s Senior Exhibition “Sha La Ti Da”


Award Winners from the 46th Annual Student Art Exhibition

Amber Briggs APSU Art

Amber Briggs “Molting in Pink”

Best in Show: Amber Briggs


Alex Wurts APSU Art

Alex Wurts, “space, consumption and sexual instability”

The Olen Bryant Sculpture Award: Alex Wurts


Cynthia Sukowati APSU Art

Cynthia Sukowati, “The Course of Capitalism: Natural State”

The Bruce Childs Printmaking Award: Cynthia Sukowati


Laura King APSU Art

Laura King, “an unsettling awareness of one’s own heartbeat”

The Charles Young Drawing Award: Laura King


Matt Watkins APSU Art

Matt Watkins, “dddd.gif” ( still of animation )

The Bettye Holte New Media Award: Matt Watkins


Lei Lani APSU Art

Lei Lani Fegeroa De LaCruz, “Desolation”

The Becky Hall Photography Award: Lei Lani Figeroa De LaCruz


Sara Kent APSU Art

Sara Kent, ” Finemente Invecchiato”

The Jim Diehr Ceramics Award: Sara Kent


Joshua Hooper APSU Art

Joshua Hooper, “Cynthia”

The T. Max Hochstetler Painting Award: Joshua Hooper


Stephanie Camfield APSU Art

Stephanie Camfield, “Departed”, Detail

The Philancy Holder Graphic Design Award: Stephanie Camfield


Abigail Damer APSU Art

Abigail Damer, “Untitled”

Juror’s Honorable Mention: Abigail Damer


James Buckner APSU Art

James Buckner, “Celadon Teapot”

Juror’s Honorable Mention: James Buckner


Rachel Cunningham APSU Art

Rachel Cunningham,” Stretch”

Juror’s Honorable Mention: Rachel Cunningham


Karla Tucker APSU Art

Karla Tucker, “Fear of Alzheimer”

Juror’s Honorable Mention: Karla Tucker


Rebecca Fernandez APSU Art

Rebecca Fernandez, “Family Portrait (Triptych)”

Juror’s Honorable Mention: Rebecca Fernandez


Kayla Melton APSU Art

Kayla Melton, “Untitled”

Juror’s Honorable Mention: Kayla Melton

Professor Kell Black to Present a Lunchtime Lecture on April 15 at Noon in the Trahern Gallery

Kell Black APSU Art

Dr. Tony Morris To Present At Midwest Art History Society Conference In St. Louis


Paul Cadmus, “Gilding the Acrobats”, 1935

Dr. Tony Morris will present his paper “Uncensored: The Queerly Positive Reception of Paul Cadmus’s 1937 Solo Exhibition” at the annual Midwest Art History Society Conference in St. Louis on Saturday, April 5, 2014.


Professor Virginia Griswold’s Work Included in Bodytalk: 52 Views on Body, Sex, and Gender in Ebeltoft Denmark

Virginia Griswold Art APSU

detail of “Table (One)”, 2010


Professor Virginia Griswold’s sculpture Table (One) has been included in Bodytalk: 52 Views on Body, Sex, and Gender at the Glasmuseet Ebeltoft in Denmark.

Learn more about the exhibition here


“XLVI: 46th Annual APSU Department of Art Juried Student Exhibition” Opens on Thursday April 3





Please join us for a reception on Thursday April 3 from 5 – 8 pm in the Trahern Gallery for this year’s juried student exhibitions. There will be an awards presentation at 6.

Dr. Tamara Smithers To Present “The Cult of Raphael” As Part of the Provost Lecture Series

Ingres, "Raphael and La Fornarian", 1814

Ingres, “Raphael and La Fornarian”, 1814

On Thursday April 3 at 3 pm in MUC 303, Dr. Tamara Smithers will present “The Cult of Raphael” as part of the Provost Lecture Series.

Art Student Zach Felts Awarded a Presidential Research Scholar Award

Zach Felts APSU Art

For his PRS project, titled Art Through Relation: An Artist’s Collaboration on Campus, Zach intends to develop series of what he refers to as “relational” artworks encompassing his (increasingly idiosyncratic) crossover approaches to painting, drawing, and sculpture. These works will culminate in an on-campus exhibition in the Fall or early Spring. Zach will be working with Professor Virginia Griswold on his project.